Here are some coronavirus stories available in multiple sign languages. Click on a country's name to watch the YouTube video or click on the picture to view a playlist that features each book in all of its languages.

bunty & bubbly

Bunty and Bubbly: COVID-19

covid_ a book in sign

Coronavirus: A Book in Sign

my name is coronavirus

Hello, My Name Is Coronavirus!

lights in the heart too
step & wash for covid

Lights in the Heart Too!

Step and Wash for COVID-19

We thank the original creators for their kind permission in letting us use and adapt these stories. Hello, My name Is Coronavirus comes from Mindheart. The African Storybook Initiative granted us their stories Bunty and Bubbly: COVID-19 and Step and Wash for COVID-19. Lights in the Heart Too! was originally written by Storyweaver and CC by 4.0. Nosy Crow allowed us to use Coronavirus: A Book in Sign.

Like all of our other books, each story was signed and filmed in countries around the world by deaf signers native to each sign language. Production was done by students/alumni of Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College, Swarthmore College, and the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of Melissa Curran and RISE.

Videos about the coronavirus in other sign languages can be found here:


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