Coronavirus stories in many languages

These stories are offered with the kind permission of their original creators.  The text, illustrations, and even one title have been adapted to meet the needs of our intended audiences.  We thank Mindheart for allowing us to adapt HELLO, MY NAME IS CORONAVIRUS, the African Storybook Initiative for allowing us to adapt BUNTY AND BUBBLY: COVID-19 and STEP AND WASH FOR COVID-19!, Storyweaver and CC BY 4.0 for allowing us to adapt LIGHTS IN THE HEART TOO!, and Nosy Crow for allowing us to adapt CORONAVIRUS.  We thank Worldreader for general assistance. 
Stories were signed and filmed in countries around the world, where the credits for those who contributed are given within each book.  Our ASL books were signed and filmed by a past student of Gallaudet University.  Production was done by a group of present and past students of Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr, and Haverford Colleges, and the University of Pennsylvania, under the direction of Melissa Curran with the guidance of RISE.
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