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Benefits of Shared Reading

Enjoying a (video)book with your child is the best gift you can give in helping to ensure later literacy development.  Shared reading experiences have many benefits.


They provide an opportunity for adult and child to talk with no goals other than fun -- no stress. 

The questions that come up naturally in sharing a book together are important.  For example:]

  • What is that rabbit doing? 

  • What is that fox doing? 

  • Why is the rabbit acting like that? 

  • Why is the fox acting like that? 

  • If you were a rabbit and you saw a fox, what would you do? 

  • What about if you were a fox? 

  • Which would you rather be: a rabbit or a fox?

By talking about these things, children learn about the world. 



They learn that different characters have different goals. 





They learn how to guess what might happen next in the story.



In this way, they learn about how stories begin and develop and end. And they learn to make inferences, which can help them anticipate what happens next in the story.  So they gain important preliteracy skills. 

In these conversations, adult and child can help each other learn new signs.





The child develops a firm foundation in language and the adult and child form a strong two-way communication bond. 


All of this will support your child's cognitive growth, academic achievement, general happiness, and lifelong health. 


If you want readings on any of these topics, please contact the RISE founders.

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